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Q: What kinds of services are in the Mental Health programs?

A: The services in the mental health program include adult partial care program, psychiatric evaluation and assessment, individual and group counseling, medication monitoring and counseling, family counseling.


Q: What kinds of services are in the Supported Employment programs?

A: The Supported Employment Programs offer programs such as job coaching, job placement, supportive community employment, school to work and computer training.


Q: What kinds of services are in the Production Center programs?

A: The production center programs offer job such as light assembly, collating, bulk mailing, blister packaging, shrink wrapping, heat sealing, climate controlled storage and pickup and delivery services.


Q: Do you have to pay out of pocket for the partial care program?

A: For the partial care program, we accept Medicaid. If you do not have Medicaid, there is a daily fee.


Q: What does the CVR team consist of?

A: At CVR our team includes a Board Certified Psychiatrist, licensed professional counselors, master's degree level case coordinators, licensed social workers, employment specialist, psychiatric RN, visiting nurse and dental services.


Q: Do you offer any support groups?

A: Yes! CVR offers support groups throughout the day.


Q: Do you have to pay extra for the psychiatric evaluations?

A: No, if you qualify for the partial care program, this service is included.


Q: Are there dental services?

A: Yes! The partial care program has dental services through Medicaid.


Q: How often can I see the psychiatrist?

A: The psychiatrist is available on an as needed basis for current partial care participants.


Q: Can I be in the partial care program and have a job coach?

A: Yes! A participant can be enrolled in both of these programs.


Q: I have an outside part-time job. Can I still be enrolled in CVR 3 days a week.

A: Yes! CVR is open 5 days a week M-F. If you have a job and still would like to attend, CVR highly encourages this.

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