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Extended Employee Program

IMG 0180021512       The purpose of the Extended Employee Program is to provide continued evaluation, counseling and work experiences in preparation for job placement to individuals with disabilities who need extensive services in order to enter supported or competitive employment.

Because these individuals have more barriers to employment; the goals of the program and the method of achieving them are modified on an individual basis to create a less stressful atmosphere.


Criteria For Admission

1. Documentation must establish that the individual has a disability which constitutes a substantial barrier to employment. The individual must have completed the Evaluation and Work Adjustment training program and be certified by their DVR Counselor or they may enter Extended Employment directly if no desire for community placement has been expressed with a referral from the local DVR office providing an opening is available. This individual would begin as an Unsponsored Extended Employee and would have 60 days to attain a production rate of 20% in order to be certified as an Extended Employee.

2. The individual is motivated and wants to improve their work habits and skills.

3. Evaluation of rehabilitation potential must indicate that vocational rehabilitation services are needed and that a sheltered workshop is the most appropriate program as indicated by:

       - language skills that are not sufficient to enable independent comprehension of and execution of instructions

       - a difficulty with care of personal needs such as mobility, toileting, feeding, hygiene, etc.

       - continues to need assistance to control behavior but does not present a threat to self or others

       - needs a sheltered work environment to gain knowledge of and follow rules and regulations

       - lacks travel training

4. It is a reasonable expectation that the individual can work in supported or competitive employment, but due to the severity of the disability the person requires a period in sheltered workshop environment before such placement is possible.

5. The individual has a minimum level of work productivity of 20% and does not need continual individualized instruction or supervision


Work Training

The Extended Employee Program offers all the services outlined in the Work Adjustment Training Program description


Counseling during Extended Employment

       - the counselor will provide a progress summary for each Extended Employee at least every month in the progress notes addressing production rate, attendance, goal attainment and any other significant events

       - on a monthly basis the counselor will obtain from bookkeeping a record of the individual’s earnings as well as the percentage in regards to the prevailing competitive wage rate. A production rate will be calculated and recorded on the ISP and monthly progress notes. The case record will also document why employment is not considered appropriate when the individual’s earnings are 50% of the prevailing competitive rate.

       - the Extended Employee’s Individual Service Plan will be updated and/or modified every 6 months (or sooner if necessary). Review of the Plan will take place at the case staffing or on an as needed basis. The format of the plan will follow the same format as the WAT program description

       - issues to be addressed during individual counseling sessions include, but are not limited to: work rules and customs, benefits of working at CVR, explanation of earnings, coping skills to resolve conflicts, health and safety, employment options, realistic vocational goals, strengths, abilities, needs and preferences and other issues as they arise.



       - an Extended Employee is to be scheduled for a comprehensive staffing review every 6 months

       - attending the staffings are the CVR counseling staff, production supervisor, the Extended Employee, family members and any other interested parties



       - those Extended Employees who reach a level of readiness for employment will be referred to CVR’s Supported Employment Program for assistance in a job search filling out applications, applications, interviewing skills, etc. until the individual is placed. They will remain at CVR until placement is achieved.

       - Counselor will follow up on placement. If employment cannot be sustained, further training (i.e. return to CVR Extended Employment Program) may be required

       - The status of those Extended Employees who do not make the progress necessary to try supported employment will be evaluated every 6 months at their staffings with recommendations for future services.

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