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Behavioral Health/Partial Care





Behavioral Health/Partial Care Program includes psychiatric evaluation and assessment, individual and group counseling. CVR offers an array of counseling such as family, vocational, leading to recovery, independence and community employment. CVR's Behavioral Health/Partial Care professional staff is dedicated to excellence in service.

CVR's Behavioral Health/Partial Care staff includes, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, licensed professional counselors, master's degree level case coordinators, licensed social workers, employment specialist, psychiatric RN, visiting nurse and dental services.

Vocational Counselors and Employment Specialists are culturally diverse and committed to advancing the quality of life for all participants.






The CVR Partial Care Direct Service Team includes a Board Certified Psychiatrist, licensed and certified social workers, vocational counselors, and visiting nurses. The goals of this program are to prevent re-hospitalization by providing mental stability through community integration, independence and employment.

For more information about this program, please contact Margaret Shalikar, Director of Behavioral Health.



At CVR, a highly trained, professional staff provides vital vocational evaluation services for people with disabilities. Vocational aptitudes, interests and abilities are assessed through testing and situational assessments.



This hands-on training program is designed to provide continued vocational services and address individual barriers to employment, preparing individuals to do their jobs effectively.



CVR remains committed to helping its participants on a continual basis. Extended employment provides individualized vocational services for participants until they are ready for job placement.

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