Located in Monmouth County, our Behavioral Health/Partial Care Program includes psychiatric evaluation and assessment, individual and group counseling. CVR offers an array of counseling such as family, and vocational, leading to recovery, independence, and community employment. CVR’s Behavioral Health/Partial Care professional staff is dedicated to excellence in service.


CVR’s Behavioral Health/Partial Care professional staff is dedicated to excellence in service.

CVR’s Behavioral Health/Partial Care staff includes Board Certified APNs, professional counselors, master’s degree level case coordinators, social workers, employment specialists, psychiatric RN, visiting nurses, and dental services.

Vocational Counselors and Employment Specialists are culturally diverse and committed to advancing the quality of life for all participants


The CVR Partial Care Direct Service Team includes Board Certified APNs, certified social workers, vocational counselors, and visiting nurses. The goals of this program are to prevent re-hospitalization by providing mental stability through community integration, independence and employment. We serve participants in our building from Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

For more information about this program, please contact Allison Morrisy at amorrisy@cvrus.org.


CVR provides evaluation services for students and adults with special needs who are in need of identifying observable work skills, gaining insight to vocational interest areas, and identifying strengths, weaknesses, and potential barriers to competitive community employment.

During the evaluation, individuals will have an opportunity to work in our Production Center, where they learn a variety of job tasks. (Some examples would include piece work, packaging, forming and sealing boxes, labeling items and cartons, attaching hang tags to items, etc.) CVR contracts these jobs with local businesses, and our completed orders are shipped out to be sold in stores.

In addition to this work experience, we offer community sampling services. The evaluators will bring the participants to a community work site, in order to evaluate them in another environment to identify vocational needs, desires, and possible barriers. We have a list of sites that are approved and contracted with CVR. We provide liability insurance for these sites. We currently have sites in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County and Mercer Counties.

CVR also provides weekly individual counseling sessions. During these sessions, participants will have an opportunity to discuss their feelings, thoughts, and concerns (etc.) with his or her evaluator. We also have a variety of assessment batteries that we will complete with the individual; and results are included in our final reporting.

At the end of the evaluation, CVR will compose a final report complete with assessment results, attendance summary, situational assessments, identifiable work habits, interests, potential barriers to community employment, summary and recommendations.

These evaluations run for a period of 25 days. (Holidays and excused absences are not included in the 25 day count). CVR operates between the hours of 9am-3pm Monday-Friday for participants. This program runs from 9-3.


This hands-on training program is designed to provide continued vocational services and address individual barriers to employment, preparing individuals to do their jobs effectively.


The purpose of the Extended Employee Program is to provide continued evaluation, counseling and work experiences in preparation for job placement to individuals with disabilities who need extensive services in order to enter supported or competitive employment.
Because these individuals have more barriers to employment; the goals of the program and the method of achieving them are modified on an individual basis to create a less stressful atmosphere.
CVR remains committed to helping its participants on a continual basis. Extended employment provides individualized vocational services for participants until they are ready for job placement.

This program is available to people 25 years or older who have been referred to CVR through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Participants in this program are assigned to a CVR case manager with whom they develop vocational goals, and have individual sessions with on a regular basis. Participants in this program do not attend group counseling, and solely work on the production floor from 9am-3pm, where they earn paychecks on a variety of jobs contracted to CVR from community businesses. This program is often a good choice for people who are unable, or not yet ready, to maintain employment in the community, but who are interested in maintaining/building more vocational training before entering independent competitive employment. This program runs Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm in our Eatontown, NJ facility.

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