bruce supported employmenmt participant highlight -01818
Bruce is an outstanding Extended Employee and continues to make tremendous progress as a production center worker here at CVR. Within the first month of Bruce’s employment in August; he received Employee of the Month. Bruce is always polite and respectful to all of his peers and staff. Bruce works as a line supply for a majority of the jobs on the work floor, which helps him enhance his leadership skills. Bruce’s work floor supervisor highlights that Bruce is on time to work, gets along positively with peers, reliable, and outgoing. During Bruce’s leisure time outside of CVR he enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing, and bowling.

liz participant highlight -01808Liz C. is an Extended Employee who works at the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation, five days a week. She works to the best of her abilities on all of the jobs that she is given on the work floor. She recently was awarded Employee of the month for the month of February. Liz is such a great role model for her peers at CVR and deserves to be recognized for her great work efforts.

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